This support article is to teach you how to manage the News section on your dashboard.

This module is located under the Manage my Business” tab.

Screenshot at Aug 08 14-20-55

After opening the module you can check the “News” list and each as the options to add/ edit / delete from a drop down menu. You can also click the “Add News” text to add a new piece of news.

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Adding news just requires to add a title and description. Screenshot at Aug 08 14-24-01

Once you’ve added the news you can use the drop down to select “edit”. The edit page is identical to the “add news” page.

Screenshot at Aug 08 14-24-30

When you select delete you’ll get a warning to confirm that you are sure you’d like to delete it.


News will be displayed right there in the NEWS! section on the main page with the author’s picture, the publish date and the title and description.

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