NOTE: If you require this feature, please message the support team to enable it at no cost.

Employee adding time cards & absences

As an employee, to log your hours

  1. Log into the dashboard
  3. Pick the date and complete the form
    1. Pick the department
    2. Pick the start time and enter the hours
    3. If banked hours are enabled, you can push/pull those hours
    4. If you are taking vacation hours, you can add those (an absence)
    5. If premiums are enabled, you can select and enter those hours
    6. If assets are assigned, you can select the ones used
    7. Click SUBMIT MY HOURS FOR APPROVAL when you are done
  4. If you need to make changes, you must do this BEFORE your manager approves them

Managers adding time cards & absences

If you’re a manager and need to add time cards for your staff, you will have a drop down employee list you can pick from.

If the employee has hours already posted, you can approve it. See next step.

Managers approving time cards & absences

Managers can approve time cards and absences through the normal


Additionally, when you log into the dashboard,

  1. You will see a widget letting you know you have time cards to approve:
  2. Click the date
  3. In the popup, click the employee
  4. Review the time card, make any adjustments and click APPROVE RECORDS